About us

Jövőképp - Fiatalok Magyarországért! Egyesület

JÖVŐKÉPP - Youth for Hungary! Association is a non-partisan constitution established by college students from various Hungarian universities. Members are interested in topics about history, science and public life as well.

Our main goal to inspire young adults to act and offer opinion about social, scientific, historical and ethical topics by raising questions.


  • reach young adults who sympathize with democratic and constitutional value and encourage them for an active social participation;
  • to advocate the spreading of human rights and moral values among youth;
  • stand up for human rights and for religious and ideological neutrality in the public educational institutions, support the realization of legal equality of ethnic groups declared by our constitutional right;
  • support the development of domestic civil culture;

In order to reach our goal we organize interactive lectures and panel discussions with experts of the current topic. At the end of each guest spearkers’ speech the attendees can raise questions.

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